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CrossFit 365
Unit 12 ,Lonlas Industrial Estate Skewen, SA10 6SN
Neath, United Kingdom

Tel: 07971 837 437

What is CrossFit?

Our idea on training is typically against the norm of gyms that you may be used too, which makes our workouts fun and different. You will use Olympic lifts, power lifts, kettle bells & gymnastic movements in your training. We do not use machines to make you fit, we build them.

You will be challenged both mentally and physically in your workouts but will find a great sense of friendship with those you are working out with.

We believe in training for life and not one specific thing. Training for life means that we have to be prepared for the unknown and even unknowable. Our workouts involve exercises that mimic everyday movements so that you can become stronger and more efficient in day to day activities.

Weights at crossfit 365 training centre swansea
Weights at crossfit 365 training centre swansea
Weights at crossfit 365 training centre swansea

We want to provide you with reaching your potential, which is typically far more than you ever thought you could achieve. Providing you with an encouraging and friendly environment will help to build the CrossFit community and enable more people to reach their goals whatever they may be.

Our training focuses on the development of ten attributes to make sure each athlete achieves the most balance and reach goals they could only have dreamed of before CrossFit.

• Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
• Stamina
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Power
• Speed
• Co-ordination
• Accuracy
• Agility
• Balance

The speciality of CrossFit workouts is not to specialist on one thing. The program is designed to be universally scaleable which makes it the perfect application for any committed athlete regardless of experience.

Workouts are measured and recorded for people to maximize progress and help the coaching staff make informed decisions on your progress. CrossFit is evidence based fitness for athletes seeking to forge elite fitness. Measurements are taking across broad time and modal domains for each individual.


The founder & CEO of CrossFit wrote: -
“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community.”

If we try to understand this statement and see what it means to us at CrossFit 365.

The magic is in the movement:
Deadlift, Snatch, Pull-ups, Wallball, Clean and Jerk, Front Squat, Back Squat, Push-ups, SDHP, Running, Rowing and Burpees. All of these movements and more are what CrossFit is all about but it’s not just the movement alone. These are all MULTI-JOINT exercises which mean you are moving more than just one muscle on each exercise and many times, doing it explosively. Because of this your body must adapt and do it quickly to keep up with the stimulus of these complex movements. Your brain must also engage so that it is getting as much stimulus as your body.

The art is in the programming:
Constantly Varied. Have you heard that before? The beauty of the programming at CrossFit 365 is the method to the madness. There is never a workout that is just pulled out of a hat or something to fill space or heaven forbid…just something that will hurt. Every day the workouts are specifically designed to create a response in the body. There is a reason for a time limit, or an endurance WOD, or light weight, or a sprint, or a Turkish Get-up, or Olympic lifts or rowing, or the “Heavy Stuff”.

The science is in the explanation:
This comes down to your coaches. They know what they are talking about and have the gift of teaching. The ability to break down a new move, find a cue that works and to get a body moving correctly is an art. They share the whys along with the how’s because if you don’t know why you are doing it; you are less likely to continue doing it. You should be told what muscles you are using, what it is supposed to feel like, and if the hurt is the right kind of hurt. We never want you leaving a workout questioning what just happened. You should know what happened and only be questioning your sanity.

The fun is in the community:
At CrossFit 365 we have dialled in on this part seriously. Immerse yourself in the events, find a workout partner, talk smack, laugh, cry, puke and have a good time, read your emails, write comments everyday on the comments section of the website, cheer each other on in positive ways, push one another, encourage one another, and help one another in every way possible. These people are your friends. We care if you don’t come to class or if you had a really bad day. Share it with us. There is something really special about doing what we do together. Everything hurts less if someone else is feeling your pain. And lastly, just like Kelly Starret said, “And for crying out loud. Don’t go into the pain cave. I can’t stress this enough. Your Totem Animal won’t be in there to help you. You’ll be on your own. The Pain Cave is for cowards. Pain is your companion, don’t go hide from it.”

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